Vr headset

EM Halo 2000 headset


The world and gameplay of Mystic Revolution are so complex that the regular keyboard/mouse/monitor setup used by most Massively Multiplayer Online games is simply inadequate. When the creators of the game realized this, they moved to the next rung on the technological ladder: virtual reality.

Most virtual reality rigs have two main components: the visor and the gloves. The visor provides visual sensory input for the game, and the gloves provide a sense of touch, as well as a control mechanism for the player.


Mystic Revolution recently upgraded its programming to support EM Halo 2000 virtual reality rigs. Through means unknown, the EM Halo 2000 allows the user to experience full-body sensory input. This includes smell, taste, pain, nausea, and the effects of alcohol. The new system also eliminated the need for gloves, stimulating and receiving input directly from the brain.