The Triclops is a monster found in one of the swamp areas of Mystic Revolution. It appears to be a mob of average difficulty, designed to catch inattentive players unawares.



A Triclops' primary weapon and ability appears to be a set of talons extending from its arms. They are capable of dealing both slashing and piercing damage, and seem to have a high critical range.
Triclops critical

Triclops critical


The Triclops also has numerous tentacles that it uses for support and propulsion. It is not outside the realm of possibility that these can be used to grab and bind victims while the monster assaults them with it's talons. This has not been seen in the comic, however, and thus cannot be verified.

Third EyeEdit

The third eye in the middle of it's forehead hints at psionic abilities, but no evidence of these abilities is shown in the comic.

Weaknesses, Resistances, and VulnerabilitiesEdit


The Triclops seems particularly vulnerable to fire attacks. As a swamp creature that appears primarily made of wood, this is a logical weakness.


The Triclops in the comics seems undisturbed by the numerous puncture wounds inflicted upon it by Lilly's Ice Spear Attack. This seems to indicate that it is resistant to ice effects, piercing attacks, or both.


Other than a weakness to fire, no vulnerabilities to the Triclops are ever shown in the comic. However, it is possible that the third eye is not, in fact, indicative of psionic power, and is instead a weak point, akin to a Flower Golem's flower atop it's head.


The Triclops in the comic shows amusement at Lilly's predicament when it counter-attacks after her failed Ice Spear Attack. This would seem to indicate some degree of intelligence, perhaps even sentience. A bit of a stretch for a mid-level monster, but it would not be the first common monster in Mystic Revolution to display signs of intelligence.

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