Character Information
Nickname Toasty-Kun
Class Warrior
Starting Level 14
First Appearance #34
Physical Description and Combat
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye  Color Brown
Weapon Of Choice Big A** Sword
Abilities Two Handed Sword Techniques, Offensive focus, Tank

"Good...Bad...There are no such absolutes in battle."


Toasty is a hardened warrior, who cares most for fighting and defeating his opponent, with his love of his Big A%$ Sword coming in a close second. It's implied briefly that he has mild psychological problems that require medication. When he forgets his pills, he sees a floating penguin that tells him what to do. Among these instructions are burning things with fire, and not trusting "the womyn". The exact nature of the penguin is unknown. It is visible only to him and even identifies itself as a fragment of Toasty's personality, but it also saved Toasty's life by intercepting a Medusa's attack that was meant for him.


Known AssociationsEdit

As a main character, he is a member of Lourdes's party, along with L33t_ninj4, Gothgirl, Aeiryn, and Lilly. Lilly has a crush on Toasty, but it is unclear exactly what feelings he has towards her, other than a very vocal dislike for her hugs.

Class BuildEdit

Toasty's class build has yet to be revealed, but we do know his class is Warrior and it appears that he is a Tank (tank usually means tough and draws attention from the enemy)

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Battle frenzy

Battle Frenzy

Battle FrenzyEdit

The user gains a buff to physical strength, and possibly to armor penetration. It is a logical opening move in most melee fights.

Viking SkinEdit

For the duration of this ability, the user feels no pain, or the neurological effects of any non-debilitating statuses or debuffs. It may also grant a defensive buff, 

Mirage of blades

Mirage of Blades

this aspect is unclear.

Mirage of BladesEdit

The full effect of this ability is unknown. It appears to create a field of blades several feet across that mimics the effects of the user's equipped bladed weapon(s). It is unknown whether or not this ability can be blocked.

Flight of the ValkyriesEdit

Flight of the Valkyries

Flight of the Valkyries

Calls upon the servants of Odin to strike at the designated target. It is theoretically possible to block the attacks, but without full 360-degree coverage from something like a Sentinel's Phalanx, at least some of the attacks are almost guaranteed to make it through. Flight of the Valkyries consumes a lot of stamina, and so seems most effectively used either as an opening salvo to weaken the enemy, or a coup de grace.

Blade of the ImmortalEdit

Blade of the Immortal

Calls upon the might of the ancients to generate an energy blast from the swing of the user's blade. This blast carries in a straight line across the field in the direction and orientation of the swing, and a direct hit has been known to bisect strong opponents, even including Player Characters. Blade of the Immortal consumes a massive amount of stamina, and would seem to only be viable for use in a last-stand situation.

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