The boss of the Creepy Caves of H-6. Sekuchi was also in possession of 1 of the keys to participate in Duel Revolution. Aeiryn aided Toasty to a quest chain to receive information about this boss' whereabouts, but after 54 NPC's, Aeiryn got tired of the vague answers and forced the NPC to spill out the information where Sekuchi was located (the said NPC was then lynched for breaking the NPC code).

Being a boss monster, Sekuchi posses several extremely powerful abilities.


Snake Skin: This ability provides Sekuchi with very high speed regeneration

Venom: Not much was stated to the effects of the venom she injected (as Toasty forced himself immune due to viking skin), but it seems to effect the nervous system (paralysis possibly?)

Medusa's Legacy: Sekuchi's ultimate attack. This attack turns all within her gaze into stone.

Monster Information
First Appearance #395
Difficulty Boss
Category Medusa
Notable Features Reptillian appearance and snakes for hair
Method of Attack Lures adventures into the shadows and attacks them. Injects her venom to prevent the enemy from moving, then can turn them into stone with Medusa's Legacy
Size Medium



Medusa's Legacy

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