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The Rune Soldier class is a relatively new introduction to Mystic Revolution. The only known members of the class are Tecumza and "Lauren", an alibi Lilly created for Lourdes so that she could enter the Duel Revolution without attracting unwanted attention. Rune soldiers use runes and a limited amount of magic to enhance or modify certain physical attributes. These can include strength, agility, weapon enchantments, and in extreme cases, gender.

Preferred RaceEdit

Because of their greater magical affinity, Rooks and Seraphs are considered the best races for Rune Soldiers. As the 'universal' race, Humans can of course take the Rune Soldier class, but are often considered inferior.


Runic SpreadEdit

This is the Rune Soldier's primary selectional ability. As with stances and summons, only one runic spread can be active at any given time. Though few have been revealed, there are at least 63 possible combinations of runes for the ability.

Runic Spread 1: Corporeal FormationEdit

This spread buffs the user's strength and speed, allowing the Rune Soldier to engage in hand-to-hand combat with physically superior foes.

Runic Spread 63: Celestial FormationEdit

The tactical benefits of this spread are unknown. It's only documented application is to transform a male Rune Soldier into a female. It seems that the user also gains a significant boost to psychological attacks, but it is unknown if this is a side effect of the ability or the primary effect.

Weapon StyleEdit

Elemental attributes are added to the Rune Soldier's weapon. The weapon presumably gains a damage bonus as well as on-hit elemental effects, but these effects can be greatly reduced if the target is of an opposing element (for example, an ice blade striking an object with the fire quality). Repeated use against a target with elemental advantage can damage the weapon itself. The known weapon styles are fire, water, lightning, earth, wind, holy, ice, and sakura blossom.

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