Pirates in the Mystic Rev universe appear so far to be your basic pirate stereotype, apart from sailing just in the ocean they sail the sky as well, though only one has appeared so far fighting L33t_Ninja in a tournament.


Pirates have several abilities and tricks up their sleeves they can use to their advantage. One such trick is stances, the one revealed in the comic so far is:

Force Rounds #3- Might of the Minute-MenEdit

This allows for instantaneous ammo swaps and reloads, however the pirate must remain stationary to use this. Many more stances must exist for pirates, for different abilities.

Summon ShipEdit

Summons the pirate's ship to their location. Most convient when traveling from land to water. A pirate can summon their ship on land if need be, but there is a chance the ship will be destroyed in the process. (an impractical use of this was shown by Fernando, as he attempted to crush L33t_N1nj4 using this technique (which failed)).


Summon Ship

Pirates Also have the option of using both melee and long range by dual wielding a pistol & saber. When using long range, they can fire several different projectiles, though it usually takes pirates some time to switch between them. Such ammo includes:

  • Poison Rounds : Causes the target to be weakened, nauseated & take damage over time. The cure is worse than the illness.

Pirates also have an interesting ability related to Rum. The more drunk they get, the greater their luck and dodging improves. Having said that, they're still quite drunk and prone to make bad decisions.

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