Summary== As can be seen to the right, the beautiful elven city of Nan'djana is built on a rock hanging over a giant chasm with a raging river below. The only way to access it on foot is via a path of floating rocks leading from one side of the chasm to the city gates. These rocks have caused problems for acrophobic players in the past, but the administrators have not deemed it a significant enough problem to change it.


Ayamar's DaggerEdit

The spire rising from the middle of the city is known as Ayamar's Dagger. The full significance of this obelisk is not known, but it likely bears importance to the locals.


Ana'Diel is a member of a famous (or perhaps infamous) group of healers known for their amazing ability tomake people feel better . They are also renowned healers. Their services come with a price, however. The healers can mend literally any wound, but at the price of the customer's eternal soul (and several thousand gold).

Ye Olde BarEdit

Though almost certainly not the only bar in Nan'djana, it is one of the most well-known. Parties of adventurers come to relax and unwind, unaffiliated players come to find parties to group with, and certain ex-moderators come to get completely wasted.

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