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About the Comic[]

Mystic Revolution is an ongoing webcomic created by Jennifer Brazas in 2004.

Characters and setting

Mystic Revolution follows the adventures of a pyromanic sorceress (Lourdes) and an incompetent ninja (l33t_ninj4) as they adventure through life, levels, and lots of alcohol in the online game world of Mystic Revolution.


The comic takes place in the not-too-distant future, where the first fully interactive online game is sweeping the world. As a result, the comic deals with issues relating to gaming tropes, relationships, and living in a digital world.


Mystic Revolution is a semi-weekly, long-form manga-style comic that updates every Monday and Friday. Currently there are over 700 pages online, and four graphic novels.
Currently not updating, last post made on January 7th at 15:40:12. Post was a 'New Post' under the comic page announcing that the artist was sick, hope you get well soon. - Zar Kane
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Unique features

Mystic Revolution boasts a wide range of characters, and presents the unique perspective of players in-game personalities versus their out of game personas.


Due to ocassional violence and language, Mystic Rev is recommended for readers aged 13 and up.


Mystic Revolution is created by Chicago artist Jennifer Brazas .


Mystic Revolution is a part of the Keenspot network of comics, and also a member of Shark Robot.

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