Mr Pheffer
Character Information
Class N/A
Starting Level N/A
First Appearance #46
Physical Description and Combat
Race Intangible Penguin
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye  Color White
Weapon Of Choice Fists
Abilities Brain washing, Bribery, Flight

Mr. Pheffer is the manifestation of Toasty's emotionally repressed psyche, therefore he is only visible to Toasty. Although Mr Pheffer "sacrificed" himself to save Toasty from Sekushi, he reappeared to guide Toasty as he fought in Duel Revolution. When Toasty revealed his suprise at Mr Pheffer's reappearance, Mr Pheffer merely stated that since he was a manifestation of Toasty's psyche, he could do "whatever the #@$!" he wants (meaning that since it's all inside Toasty's head, he can reappear when he wants). His main goal seems to be to use Toasty to gain control of the world.

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