A perfect example of how to use (Or abuse) a Mesmerizer's power

The Mesmerizer is one of the many classes that is available to play in the world of Mystic Rev.

Choosing not to dive into offensive spells, a Mesmerizer chooses to 'override your sensory cortex', which allows them to completely warp a player's senses causing them to miss their targets, with most spells hitting illusions that only that player can see. This can make them quite irritating characters to fight against, as stated by Lourdes.

The Mesmerizer's abilities are best shown during the tournament in Mystic Rev 588-591, when a mage completely misses with spells, hitting only an illusion. This gives the Mesmerizer the illusion that they can't be killed or hurt by their opponent's 'pathetic spells'.

According to Lilly, the abilities used by Mesmerizers were what first gave hackers a gateway into the player's controller, taking it one step further than the game.

Behold, the power of a Mesmerizer!

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