Character Information
Nickname None
Class Pyromancer
Starting Level Unknown
First Appearance #1
Physical Description and Combat
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye  Color Green
Weapon Of Choice Fire Enchanted Weapon
Abilities Fire Enchantments, Fire Spells, Berzerk

"Fact is, Mystic Rev is what you make of it. Your Strategy. Your Ideas. Your imagination."

The Pragmatic Hero of our story!


Quick to anger and slow to trust, but all in all a good person.


Lourdes is a former Mod (moderator) of Mystic Rev, having been banned from the game for quite some time. When she rejoined after the ban ended, for some unknown reason, she had access to her former character. This makes her massively overpowered.

Known AssociationsEdit

She has had a love/hate relationship of sorts with L33t_Ninja. Love because she finally admits her attraction to him, and hatred because she has spent much of the comic bashing him, both literally and figuratively. What started as an annoyance, has grown to admiration of his dependability and caring to finally love, even if he's been all sorts of cheesy along the way.

Class BuildEdit

Her character is a Pyromancer, a class that is unavailable to the general populace. It fits her personality perfectly however, since she likes to play with fire.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Flames of RighteousnessEdit

This seems to be an ability left over from her days as a moderator. Flames of Righteousness can be used to set most anything on fire, on the condition that the target has to have offended, outraged, annoyed, or otherwise provoked a negative emotional response from Lourdes. As a result, it is most often used on Player Characters. The effects are damaging, but non-lethal. It seems to have been designed to get the target's attention, not to seriously injure them. Flames of Righteousness does seem to have variable power, though, so it could have application as a 

Berserk Flames of Righteousness

Berserk + Flames of Righteousness combo

legitimate offensive spell.


The user endures a moderately long casting time, after which their physical attributes are substantially buffed. The user is also enveloped in a flaming aura, which seems to do fire damage to anything in the immediate vicinity. Casting Berserk has a tendency to draw aggro, and the user cannot move while casting. As a result, the ability is best used in a party, rather than solo. It is be possible to cast Berserk incrementally, but this does not seem to be a common strategy.

Spawn WeaponEdit

Fire Glaive

Fire Glaive

This ability allows the user to spawn a single-use melee weapon with a fire enchantment. Spawned weapons seem to have high damage and a high critical threat range. Available weapon options include swords, whips, and glaives.

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