Jennifer BrazasEdit


  • Alias: Savagesparrow
  • Email:
  • AIM/Steam: Savagesparrow
  • Birthday: 11-29-1986
  • Local: Chicago
  • Weapon of Choice: Brush Pen
  • Interests: Comics, Manga, Fashion, Cyberpunk, Poker, History

Jen is currently attends art school full time at Chicago's own American Academy of Art. She enjoys writing/drawing Mystic Revolution, reading manga, all the works of Frank Miller, and flying around with a sheet tied around her shoulders yelling, "I AM BATMAN! WHO NEEDS RESCUING!"

In her non-school time, she works as a freelance illustrator. Her portfolio can be found at . One day, she hopes that her freelance work will pay for her rabid video game obsession. In the mean time, she'll settle for "borrowing" the games of friends.

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