Flower Golam
Flower Golam
Monster Information
First Appearance #3
Difficulty Unknown
Type Plant
Size Huge
Notable Features Flower growing out of it's head
Weak Points The flower on it's head
Method Of Attack smashing & grabbing
Abilities Unknown


The Flower Golem is a 50th-level mob found in the forest outside the city of Nan'djana. It was designed to be difficult to notice, but attentive players can hear its approach and easily dodge its opening attack. Despite the Golem descriptor, Flower Golems seem to be mostly natural creatures, not man-made monsters.

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

Flower Golems are melee combatants, with no known ranged attacks. It does have tremendous reach, however, so it can easily attack melee players without fear of immediate retaliation.




The Flower Golem's primary attacks involve smashing its opponent with a fist or foot.


Instead of being smashed, the player with aggro is instead picked up, restrained, and presumably crushed.


Flower Golems have the ability to regenerate lost limbs in a matter of seconds. This makes it an incredibly durable opponent if none of its weaknesses are exploited.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

There are only two feasible ways to defeat a Flower Golem: "nuking" it (dealing enough simultaneous damage to kill it before it has a chance to regenerate), and exploiting a weakness.


Flower golem defeated

Flower Golem defeated

As a creature in the Gargantuan size category, it has very high physical defense and health. Combined with its ability to regenerate, this means that standard physical attacks will be very ineffective against this enemy.


The flower on top of its head is its weak spot. Chopping this off will immediately defeat the Flower Golem. Additionally, it seems to be weak against attacks dealing fire damage.

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