Character Information
Nickname None
Class Cleric
Starting Level 65
First Appearance #56
Physical Description and Combat
Race Elf
Gender Female
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye  Color Grey
Weapon Of Choice Staff
Abilities Healing, Holy

"SOMEONE has to keep the lands safe while the peasants are busy with the tournament."


Posh and aloof, but nevertheless cares for and protects her friends. She takes her character very seriously, but sometimes decides that enough is enough and goes wild. Finding Aeiryn drunk is a rare occurrence indeed, but it is not entirely unheard of.


Known AssociationsEdit

Aeiryn is a main character, and a member of Lourdes' party. As the cleric, she is the group's healer and moral compass. However, since the group has never functioned in the field as a single unit and is not particularly interested in moral guidance, she has never truly functioned in either role. Because of this, she often feels useless and unappreciated.

She recently developed a crush for Alistairfan34, a Sentinel in the Duel Revolution. Since his death at Toasty's hands, it is unknown how her relationship with Toasty has been affected.

Class BuildEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Restores a portion of the target's health. The more skilled the caster is, the more health is restored.




Resurrects a dead target and returns some, if not all of it's health. There are no known penalties for multiple revivals.


Creates an impenetrable barrier around the caster, protecting her from anything outside the field. This is a purely defensive move and cannot be maintained indefinitely.

Holy SmiteEdit

Holy Smite deals terrific damage to targets with chaotic and/or evil alignment. It is one of the few offensive spells clerics have access to.

Hippocratic OathEdit

As a cleric, one is expected to heal her patients, not bludgeon them. Though threats and bluffs may be made, clerics are not permitted to harm others under any circumstances. This is not to say that none do, only that they are not supposed to. This is listed as an ability because without it, the entirety of the party would have been beaten to death by now.

Low Alcohol ToleranceEdit

Because of their non-combative nature, Constitution is typically the "dump stat" of choice for clerics. As a result, they cannot hold alcohol. At all.

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